AfricanX ( has the mission to become the  global leader in market transactions that enable economic development and  growth within the SME markets, to enable wealth creation, knowledge transfer  and socio-economic development and transformation by the World investing into  Africa and inter-Africa trade.

The IFUNDX trading Technology ( is the bridge between crowd funding and a regulated exchange where companies can get access to financing  and support from collaborators & executives, and investors can get access  to exciting companies while they move from start-up too IPO. The system has been customized to offer a turn-key equity financing and funding solution for crowd funding and share trading privately managed by a single broker dealer or multiple broker dealers. This is the first ever Pan African Stock Exchange Platform and first ever Pan African Crowd Funding solution launched in 2014, with the Equities Market first launched in June 2015.

The Vision…

To lead  the global markets in financing in Africa for equities and debt with the most  advanced evolution of trading and financing software systems that is adequate  for a stock exchange anytime, anywhere, always trading.

The  Company

AfricanX is a software platform, currently seeking financial partners within Africa to expand to new markets under their current regulatory environment.

AfricanX  has the mission to enable economic development and growth globally within the  SME markets, to enable wealth creation, knowledge transfer and socio-economic  development and transformation by the World investing into Africa.

The  IFUNDX trading Technology is the bridge between crowd funding and a regulated  exchange where companies can get access to financing and support from  collaborators & executives, and investors can get access to exciting  companies while they move from start-up too IPO.

Almost  100,000 companies and projects have been successfully funded using crowdfunding  equity and debt-based platforms in the past 5 years.

As  a leading group of financial market advisors and listing specialists, AfricanX provides the  first Crowd Funding broker manage system for Africa, it also enables a share  exchange platform for a Pan African market for private shares and offerings. Our goal is to launch within 2016 or early 2017 with a financial markets partner as a Crowd Funding and Venture Capital investment board.

The  difference between AfricanX and Crowdfunding, is that after the initial funds,  AfricanX takes the company through a managed process of:

  • Additional  Rounds of Financing
  • Structured  Exist Strategies
  • Listing  on a regulated national stock exchange
  • Access  to additional capital markets
  • Introduction  to a sophisticated investor network
  • Expert  help

The  AfricanX is a African Financial Exchange and network. AFX registered investors  buy stock direct from AFX listed companies.

For  verified investors who qualify as sophisticated, qualified, high networth or  accredited investors you can access the investor-to-investor platform, AfricanX  Private Trade market, which facilitates escrow of shares for the private sale  between two parties.

Our Background

The software  system was conceptualized for the African Market in 2012 with a group of domain names for “” and other variations to promote the access to capital for African Businesses. The Software enables 24/7 equities raising for African companies globally began  as a project under the supervision and development and collaboration of leading  listings firms, Broker Dealers, and Exchange Professionals as well as educational organizations. AfricanX is owned  100% by IFUNDX Limited, with a revenue sharing relationship with each Country representative who qualifies with their regulators who “operates” the software and accounts as a  Financial Service Provider within those countries.

The  AfricanX founders and key experts have strategically developed Brokerage  Houses, Banks, Listing companies, IT firms, Funds, and Educational companies to  assist Small Businesses grow.

IFUNDX  Limited and its software project AfricanX is a 100% privately  owned company.  AfricanX operates as a broker-client management  system in a skeletal form for organizing the raising of capital of IPOs for firms sponsored by the  registered broker dealers who raise the capital, and the organization of the  brokers investors within one software system as an “internal” exchange platform  managed by the Financial Service Provider License partner per market. The private equity and debt  stock exchange is specifically built for pre-ipo financing, prior to listing on  local markets or main markets on stock markets within the Companies respective  region.

AfricanX  (African Financial Exchange) launched the Equities Market software beta for testing in Dec 2015, which  provides a platform for companies any stage and any major currency to list,  including BitCoins. The platform is currently looking for partners across Africa.

Our Team

The  AfricanX senior management comprises of a diverse management team with  experience and knowledge in building and financing companies, financial  services regulation, IT, Banking, trading, clearing and settlement, project  management, financial product development, fund administration, listing of  companies on stock exchanges, small business educational development and  venture capital raising.

The  motivation of all of our team is the success of small businesses and economic  development within Africa. The unification of foreign direct investment into  African projects small and large to enable socio-economic development and  success for a Success Road Map for small business.