As a Broker

Requirements for joining

Broker Dealers should join the trading platform to raise the IPO capital and required start-up capital for clients that have ideas. In addition, the system will designate directly new company clients and investor clients to your brokerage house within the system. By joining the platform, you will gain new investor clients to assist manage their only portfolio as well as have the ability to list ideas and firms within the system. Your due diligence of the firms listed on the platform ensures the integrity of the system.

Commissions are paid directly to Broker Dealers for any trade their investors make within the system. All funds from trades or commissions from sponsoring a company is paid directly from funds invested by investors. The investors load their accounts with funds, which guarantees payment on every trade made for Broker Dealers. Brokers can make commissions accepting and driving investors into the platform, as well as for raising capital for companies they sponsor.

To join as a broker member you must be suitably authorised to undertake stockbroking activities for the country in which you operate.

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