As a Company

The main steps that need to be followed are detailed below:

You are a start-up company, a Small Business, or advanced Small business looking to expand and list where you can access capital and early stage investment. Companies will go through a process of becoming acquainted with the rules of the system and exemptions within your local market, how to utilize the system to raise capital and awareness, and how to develop your business venture. Rules and Application Pack that provide guidance on the information required for using IFUNDX. Companies looking for 10,000 euro to 1,000,000 euro are asking for admission to the new funds tier for start-ups or seed funding for innovation, Companies seeking 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 euro are seeking admission to the mid funding tier for the SMME offerings with established companies and financials, and 5,000,000 euro or more or part of the Main Funding Tier for registered offerings.

A Broker Dealer must be appointed to assist with the listing and ensure the due diligence is done, and that the company continues to meet the obligations as an admitted firm on the IFUNDX platform.

The completed application forms should only be submitted once the online sign-up is filled in. Please being the only process now, and the appropriate application pack will be sent to you for download.

Please download, complete and return our full application pack

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