IfundX equity crowd funding software technology built the first version 1 of ICrowdX in 2012, and has had its first showcase in the Brand ICrowdX.com and ICrowdXSask for the Canadian Markets in 2015 as market accouncements and regulatory approvals for Crowd Funding made it possible within Canada.

The solution for the multi-provincial and multi-state system has allowed for the implementation of Crowd Funding within Saskatchewan, as well as any new Province or State that becomes permitted to perform Crowd Funding. The IfundX Equity Crowd Funding solution has been exclusively licensed to Canada for the purpose of launching the IcrowdX Canada company, spearheaded by CEO Sean Sears.

Unique from the stock exchange software or “pledging” system, the Crowd Funding technology has been customized to enable the various provincial and country variables to be entered into the data set and table to allow for multiple provinces but restricted to geographical parameters based on where the investor or company is located. The Administration Panel and Compliance Panel has a full view of all activities in each Province in accordance to the rules set in each jurisdiction.

The website portal has been making moves to license the Company and Technology within Canada, with a complete solution prepared in May 2015, inclusive of the regulatory requirements of the technology for crowd funding in Canada. The intial market that the IcrowdX system has been customized for is Saskatchewan, however, with the recent model adaptation the subsequent provinces have been customized into the system for British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

IfundX Equity Crowd Funding software is therefore being used in the “first to market” company ICROWDX Canada, and continues to develop the technology and customize to the needs of the market for transparency, disclosure, accountability, compliance, and regulation for the protection and integrity of the markets and investors. As of May 22nd 2015, IcrowdX was at version 2.3.2, prepared for the Canadian Markets.

IfundX Equity Crowd Funding software is available for licensing in all markets outside of Canada, as ICROWDX holds the exclusive rights to the Canadian Market. If you are interested in licensing an equity crowd funding solution and software and building a custom platform, contact info@ifundx.com.