Market Solutions

The IFUNDX market solutions is a full-service all in one technology for investors to finance SME companies, and for SME firms to gain exposure to financial markets


There is a void within the Stock Exchange Software Solutions and Metals Exchange Solutions globally that do not cater to the SME sector of the equities and commodities markets. A wide variety of companies can list on the IFUNDX solution, where by the tiers of the exchange depend on the disclosures required. The software that runs IFUNDX is limitless in the number of Tiers that can be launched, however, each tier would be separated by the disclosure and reporting requirements. For example, if there were a Pre-IPO or Offering Board, a First Quotation Board, a Main Board, and a Premium Board, the pre-ipo board could be for placements only, first quotation could be exempt of a prospectus document, but requires financials, and can trade, the Main Board could require a prospectus, and the Premium Board may require quarterly filings of financials and material events. For metals exchange and diamonds, it may have to do with a discount from another market price, or flat rate price for trading on the exchange, or unit price of raw or refined products and ore. Since the software is within Units, the units could be sold through the markets software in many forms, some examples of these are Equities Markets, Bond Markets, Debt Markets, Funds & Units, Crowd Funding Markets, Metals Markets, and Precious Stone Markets, or even Carbon Credit Markets and other such commodities.

Therefore, essentially, any size company can list on IFUNDX, and the tier they list on depends on the disclosures defined by the Rule’s of the Exchange platform. Contact for more information.

The System caters to:

  • An Investor System, where by the investor is capable of directing investment on the exchange, trading, tracking, and withdrawing their funds
  • A Broker System, where by the broker manages companies it lists on the exchange and investors they represent, including their own internal trades.
  • An Issuer or Company System, or Originator in metals for SME’s to manage their listing, news, investors, promotion, brokers, and financials
  • An Escrow System where all funds are escrowed during the period of financing
  • A Registrar System, for tracking of the shareholders and shares issued in companies
  • A Compliance System that tracks every individual and trade on the exchange real-time
  • An Administrative System which manages all of the listings, investors, brokers, registrars, escrow, pay-roll, and approvals

The Most Transparent Market Trading Solution in the World
Investors trade shares directly through IfundX electronic trading platform, in real time, without the requirement for prices to be set by market makers. This provides the market with greater transparency and faster transaction reporting, and eliminates the spread between the price a buyer pays and the price a seller receives. Therefore, the Broker and Investor information on both sides of a trade is tracked real time for the Broker and the Company.

For Companies or SMEs, the website provides a detailed order book of each investor in the company, their holdings, and interests. The Company sees a detailed broker book as well, and knows which brokers are buying and selling their shares, and which investors within those firms are trading. This transparent view gives all the required information to a company to understand where trading and market activity is coming from. Knowing this information is the key to financing and building a strong business in the financial markets.

For investors and existing shareholders, this website provides details of their financials, their trades, their holdings, the order book for each security on the market, showing the available share prices and volumes at which buyers and sellers can transact, alerts, and information from the issuers and brokers the investor is engaged with.

World Standard Market Rules
IFUNDX has worked with various stock exchanges globally and has established a process of creating appropriate rule books for each of the international markets it operates within. The rules are formed with the assistance and approval of regulatory bodies to protect the integrity of the market and to provide more transparent environment for financing companies and trading in their securities.

Market Diversity

The IFUNDX software solution can operate and list:

  • Equity Markets
  • Debt Markets
  • Bond Markets
  • Commodities (Diamonds, Metals, Precious Stones)
  • Funds & Units

Due to the customizable nature of IFUNDX as a software solution, a Countries stock exchange can be launched for SME markets, Debts, Bonds, Funds, and a standalone solution for trading their own metals markets within a few short weeks. The set-up of a stock exchange software for any individual country depends greatly on the agreed upon rule book for the jurisdiction.

Currency Diversity

The IFUNDX trading platform can trade in any kind of currency depending on the market preference. The most popular currencies are US dollar, Euro dollar, and British Pound. The system can also input virtual or crypto-currencies for international markets such as Bitcoins, depending entirely on what the jurisdiction will allow.