Regulatory Info

IfundX Limited is a Seychelles Company that provides software for the financial markets. Although IfundX does not require regulatory approvals as a software provider, client companies will likely be subject to the requirements of their local markets to license or use the IfundX Equity Crowd Funding software., a version of the IFUNDX Equity Crowd Funding and Exchange platform for broker managed private trading systems is regulated by the operations management team at RST Capital, a licensed Financial Service Provider (FSP). Within the AfricanX system, members open accounts at RST Capital through the system for investment or placement of the issuers shares for sale. All transactions are performed internally as ledgers within the private share portfolio of RST clients who are members and subscribed to the client management system “AfricanX.” Stock Brokers and Sponsors can join the platform from various jurisdictions if they are licensed to do so to invest directly or on behalf of clients at AfricanX, sponsor companies to list on AfricanX, and perform detailed due diligence that is required specific to their jurisdiction for any recommended client. The responsibility remains on the Company and the Sponsor to provide the required global issuer due diligence report for listing within and acceptance to AfricanX by RST.

IfundX Limited does not provide any financial advice or facilitate financial transactions, it is simply a skeletal provider of software of which the users perform transactions as permitted by their jurisdiction.