A Full Service Market Solution

There is a void within the Stock Exchange Software Solutions and Metals Exchange Solutions globally that do not cater to the SME sector of the equities and commodities markets. A wide variety of companies can list on the IFUNDX solution, where by the tiers of the exchange depend on the disclosures required. The software that runs IFUNDX is limitless in the number of Tiers that can be launched, however, each tier would be separated by the disclosure and reporting requirements. For example, if there were a First Quotation Board, a Main Board, and a Premium Board, the first quotation could be exempt of a prospectus document, but requires financials, the Main Board could require a prospectus, and the Premium Board may require quarterly filings of financials and material events. For metals exchange and diamonds, it may have to do with a discount from another market price, or flat rate price for trading on the exchange. Since the software is within Units, the units could be sold through the markets software in many forms, some examples of these are Equities Markets, Bond Markets, Debt Markets, Funds & Units, Crowd Funding Markets, Metals Markets, and Precious Stone Markets, or even Carbon Credit Markets and other such commodities.

Therefore, essentially, any size company can list on IFUNDX, and the tier they list on depends on the disclosures defined by the Rule’s of the Exchange platform. Contact Info@IFUNDX.com for more information.