IFundX Technologies is a Seychelles Limited Company that specializes in building financial system software for stock exchanges, crowd funding, brokerage houses, Banks, and Venture Capital firms or networks. In 2012, the first version of the IfundX Stock Exchange software was developed with the intention of implementing the software as part of an application process to gain a stock exchange license in partnership with a South African financial group, Spanish Financial Group, and Swiss Financial Group. IFUNDX built the first “broker managed” platform for Crowd Funding and Equity Financing, but subsequently didn’t launch as the US SEC had not yet ruled on the availability of Crowd Funding within the market. In late 2012, the solution was customized for version 1 of the IFundX Equity Crowd Funding solution called “IcrowdX”, which was subsequently licensed to ICrowdX Canada in 2015 for the Canadian Markets pending approvals and opening of the Canadian market place for new platform applicants.

With the evolution of the stock exchange software and crowd funding, a new software version for “pledging” capital was built as a start-up stock exchange, SMME incubator for the African Market Place called “AfricanX.” The system was launched as the first broker regulated crowd funding platform in Africa for a Pan-African venture capital market. A New Zealand broker dealer provides the due diligence, compliance, and transaction, while IFUNDX provides the software and technical support to users of the system. The AfricanX system launched June 2015, as the first ever Pan African financial exchange for Small to Medium sized businesses. The system enables the pledging and subsequent sale to verified investors of equities, bonds, debt, medium term notes, project participation and partnerships. AfricanX has over 400 African based website portals that promote the companies listed on the system, reaching a global audience of over 2.5 million viewers per month and over 150,000 sophisticated investors and venture capital firms.

Subsequent developments in crypto-currencies have also enabled the IFundX team to enable platforms (if allowed) to accept investments in all currencies including crypto-currencies. In anticipation of this market, ibitcoinx is expected to launch in late 2015 as a module across all platforms built by IfundX, enabling platform users to use the IfundX service of bitcoin transactions.

By end of 2015, it is expected a licensed partnership will be released as a global “Offshore Stock Exchange” to enable all companies around the world to take advantage of Equity Crowd Funding and sales as SMEs. With the closure of small cap markets within Frankfurt, and subsequent failure to produce liquidity in markets hindered by their lack of ability to clear shares such as within the GXG Markets, the IFundX system has built a superior clearing system with full transparency and accountability of every single trade, real time, and delivered as executed. No other small cap system for assisting in private share sale transactions has been as effective.

IfundX works closely with several licensed broker dealers, Banks, Stock Exchange Sponsors and Exchanges, Regulatory bodies, and Government small business agenda’s to enable access to capital and market integrity.