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Do you want the opportunity to invest in the next Google? Did you know the Founder of PayPal was a South African, who also was an investor like you in Tesla and other start-ups? Do you know how many of the largest companies start off with entrepreneurs from outside of the US or come to Canada and the US as skilled professionals who rely on starting their own businesses to succeed. So many of these firms succeed because of seed capital investors like yourself.
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As an investor, you register with the full knowledge that you are a sophisticated, accredited, or qualified investor or meet the exemptions within your jurisdiction by definition within this website’s disclaimer. You will be designated a registered Broker Dealer within the system to assist you if assistance is required, we encourage that you rely on the advice of your own financial advisor when making decisions about investment, and that you agree to the Company and Website Disclaimers associated to this contract.



Investor Application Pack

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Requirements for joining
To join as a broker member you must be suitably authorised to undertake stockbroking activities for the country in which you operate.

Each broker member will also need to have made arrangements to settle trades through the settlement service provider for the particular security they are looking to trade.


Broker/Introducer Application Pack

Register as a Company/Issuer

The main steps that need to be followed are detailed below:

Companies should acquaint themselves with the rules of the market by downloading the Market Rules and Application Pack that provide guidance on the information required for listing on IfundX.

Companies looking to join the Official List should have a market capitalisation of at least £5m at the time of admission.

A Corporate Advisor must be appointed to assist with the listing and to ensure that the company continues to meet the market rules as part of its obligations as a listed company.

A prospectus should be produced in accordance with the EU Prospectus Directive. Additionally, companies joining the Market will have to adhere to IFRS accounting standards prior to admission.

A completed application form and admission document that includes the company and financial information as laid out in the Application Pack should be submitted to IfundX.

The completed application forms should only be submitted once the prospectus has been approved and must be delivered to IfundX at least ten working days prior to the expected date of Admission, with all the information specified in the Application Pack.

All application fees and the pro rata annual fees are payable prior to being admitted to the market.


Issuing Companies Application Pack